Two Babies Saved at PWC; Advent Miracle

The following is from a social media post by Dr. Monique Ruberu as she shares news from the frontlines. If you live in the Philly area, you are encouraged to participate in the sidewalk advocates program.

777 appletree in Philadelphia is the most evil location in Philadelphia. The street name appletree takes us back to Genesis and the choice of Eve to lead Adam astray with the apple from the tree of knowledge. The building number 777 – three sevens – the holiest of numbers. The abortion center occupies the 7th floor of this building. Over the years that we have been praying at this location no business can successfully occupy the 6th or 8th floors. It’s hard to carry out business as usual knowing innocent lives are being ended a floor above or below you. Typically this center is a very hard one to be present at. The evil is palpable. The escorts as full of vitriol and venom toward the sidewalk servants but we persevere.

When we get life saving information into the hands of the mothers or fathers they are told that they must surrender it to the security guard, Heather Loesch, before going upstairs. She sits at her desk and gleefully eats the candy and shreds the resources while she laughs.

Currently in the advent season they have placed Christmas decorations on the walls and a manger scene in the window. They have hung a pro choice banner in the manger, there is no Jesus in the manger. They have left a poor mother Mary and have taped condoms all over the pieces of the set as well as on the manger. It is very hard to reach the poor women at this center. Hard is not impossible though, and our Lord is the God of impossible miracles.

Yesterday on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe TWO women left the center without an abortion between the hours of 7-9 am!!!! As they drove down the street I carried a sign that said “Your baby is a blessing!” Pat Stanton said that as she saw us praying and holding the sign her head dropped. They sat in the parking lot for a prolonged time… and then they left. PRAISE GOD!!!!!The second girl entered into the abortion center… she left shortly afterwards with tears in her eyes… she stood in the parking lot with one of the escorts… I kept calling out to her, “ you know you don’t want to do this… your baby’s heart is beating, your baby loves you… your baby has fingernails… your baby just needs a little time… please let us help you!!!” She got in her car, and as she was driving away she stopped in front of me and took my pamphlet of resources.

The escorts immediately jumped between and tried to have her give it to them to throw away but she chose to keep it. I asked her to please call and I told her I would love to walk with her and support her. As she drove away we praised God for although we don’t know the final outcome yet, at least for today those babies lives were spared. Please continue to pray. Please continue to join us as sidewalk servants offering love, compassion and resources to those entering the gates of hell to make the biggest mistake of their lives.

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