Gosnell Effect: 10 Years Later

Ten years ago, on May 13, 2013, Kermit Gosnell was convicted of first-degree murder for crimes carried out at his state-licensed “House of Horrors” abortion mill in West Philadelphia.

Ten years later, what have we learned? What are the challenges we still face as a state and nation? Join us for an evening, joined by experts in various fields, where we will discuss life since Gosnell’s uncovering and conviction.

Saturday, May 13, 2023
Faith and Liberty Discovery Center, Independence Mall, Philadelphia
11AM – 2PM

Tickets: $15. Each ticket includes lunch and a complimentary tour of the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center.

Speakers will include:

  • Ann McElhinney, Producer, Gosnell Movie & Co-author of NYT Bestseller Gosnell, The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer
  • James Woods, Former Lead Detective, Philadelphia Police Department
  • Judge Cheryl Allen, Retired, Of Counsel – PA Family
  • Brooke Nearman, Executive Director, AlphaCare
  • Michael Geer, President, PA Family

Forum sponsored by PA Family Institute, AlphaCare, and Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia.

Visit this link for more information

Mike Pence: Republicans Must “Stand Without Apology” Against Killing Babies in Abortions

Former Vice President Mike Pence

Life News reporter Miciah Bilger wrote the following Life News article:

Former Vice President Mike Pence urged political leaders to “stand without apology” for unborn babies’ right to life in an interview published Thursday at The Hill.

Pence disputed recent claims by former President Donald Trump and others that Republican candidates’ pro-life stance hurt them in the mid-term elections, saying those with strong pro-life values performed better than the candidates who flip-flopped or ignored the issue.

“I think going forward, it’s going to be incumbent on the men and women on our party to stand without apology for the sanctity of human life, to stand on that principle of the unalienable right to life, but also to express compassion for women that are facing crisis pregnancies,” Pence said.

A former Indiana governor and congressman, Pence has a strong pro-life record and frequently speaks about protecting unborn babies from abortion. He lives out his values in his private life as well. He and his family often attend the March for Life, and his daughter Charlotte is a pro-life advocate.

Pence celebrated the overturning of Roe v. Wade last year, calling it perhaps the “most consequential legacy” of the Trump administration. Since the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling in June, 14 states have banned abortions and thousands of babies’ lives have been saved. “… to have been part of an administration that gave the American people this new beginning for life is something I’ll cherish the rest of my life,” Pence told NBC host Chuck Todd in November.

2023 Pro-Life To-Do List

Happy New Year!

We tend to create a list of things to accomplish during the year. For the pro-life cause, it is no different. Here is a list of things to do in 2023.

  • Attend the March for Life
  • Take part in prayer vigils in your area
  • Ask your pastor to host monthly Holy Hours for an end to abortion
  • Donate maternity items to pregnancy resource centers
  • Have a birthday fundraiser benefit a pro-life charity
  • Learn CPR
  • Give blood
  • Write to your representatives holding them accountable when they don’t vote on issues that protect life from womb to tomb
  • Create signs that promote And Then They Were None for the workers and volunteers to see
  • Chalk pro-life messages on the sidewalk
  • Listen or watch pro-life interviews
  • Host a pro-life movie night at your parish or campus
  • Host a fundraiser for a pro-life group
  • Attend a pro-life dinner
  • Give food, clothing, or shelter to those without a home
  • Attend pro-life conferences
  • Write a pro-life op-ed
  • Make a movie with a pro-life message
  • Write a pro-life short story
  • Read up on pro-life apologetics

Make 2023 a life-saving year


This week, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops elected a new president, vice president, and a new pro-life chair instrumental in enforcing canon law.

Archbishop Timothy Brogolio, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Military Services, was elected the new president of USCCB. Brogolio has been a prominent critic of the vaccine mandate that affects military members coerced into taking it.

“No one should be forced to receive a COVID-19 vaccine if it would violate the sanctity of his or her conscience,” he stated. “The denial of religious accommodations, or punitive or adverse personnel actions taken against those who raise earnest, conscience-based objections, would be contrary to federal law and morally reprehensible.”  

His vice president is no stranger to the pro-life movement. Brogolio’s vice president is Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore. His last position was chair of the pro-life ministries overseen by USCCB. He currently is the Supreme Chaplain of the Knights of Columbus, which he has held since 2005.

In his role with the bishops’ pro-life committee, Lori has spoken out repeatedly in favor of assistance for pregnant women and against President Joe Biden’s advancement of abortion. He has been a vocal proponent of the bishops’ 2020 “Walking with Moms in Need” initiative to help pregnant women, mothers, and babies.

“The president is gravely wrong to continue seeking every possible avenue to facilitate abortion instead of using his power to increase support and care to mothers in challenging situations,” Lori said on October 25.

USCCB appointed a new chair of pro-life ministries. Succeeding Lori is Bishop Michael Burbidge of Arlington, VA. He has scolded both Biden and Pelosi on how they’ve supported abortion while claiming to be “Catholic”.

When asked about denying Pelosi communion, he said the decision was “pastoral, not political” and said the communion denial was not a punishment but a way of encouraging someone to repent and get right with God.

“All people, including those who are not public individuals, have to approach the sacraments truly in communion with the Church and Our Lord,” Burbidge said.

Last month, Burbridge criticized Biden who promised to sign a bill allowing abortions up to birth.

“The role of Congress is to pass laws that serve the common good — and yet this priority of the president only brings about pain and death.”

Let’s see what the Brogolio administration can do in the next three years.

Memorial Mass In Remembrance of Pro-Lifers

Mass of Remembrance – Monday, November 21 at St. Mary Magdalen, Media for all in the pro-life movement who died in 2022. A rosary will be recited at 7 PM. Mass will begin at 7:30 PM

We remember:  Randy Beckman, Rev. Mr. Frank Bizal, Harold Boston, Dan Brusstar, Marcia Cassidy, Tom DeShula, Patrick Hinnegan, Kathy Lauber, Pastor Herb Lusk, Rosemary Mascaro, Mike McGrail, Bishop Robert Maginnis, Betty Maier, Dan Moran, Joe Scheidler, Jim Sedlak, Brother Bob Sembrat, Sandy Slater, Marcella Wall, Dr. Mary Wirshup


As the dust is settling for parts of the nation, the red wave never made it to shore. There has been a mixed bag of wins and losses for both sides.

Some may think that this could have been one of the hardest-fought races if there was enough election integrity. Indeed, it would. Sadly, many leftist billionaires poured in millions to halt pro-life amendments for getting the yay votes, keeping the states run by pro-abortion activists, and having fear-mongering tactics take up commercial spots. And when it is over, Republicans will likely gain a slim majority to control the House of Representatives. As for the Senate, two victories or a sweep from Arizona, Georgia, or Nevada, in favor of the Republicans, can make Joe Biden finish his first term as a lame duck.

If there is one lesson pro-lifers can learn is this, politicians will not end abortion. Instead, as Abby Johnson has said time after time that abortion will end when we change the hearts and minds of every American. Our faith must be placed in Jesus Christ, our sovereign king.

Here is what we know about the 2022 midterms and what can we do to prepare for bigger wins in the 2024 races for president, senate, and house.


There is a saying, “When Ohio goes, so does the nation”.

Ohio scored some pro-life victories.

Mike DeWine won re-election in becoming governor of the Buckeye State.

Pro-Life Ohioans help sweep the state court with pro-life wins. Sharon Kennedy will become the new chief justice of the state. Pat Fischer and Pat DeWine also won two open associate justice seats. These victories place a pro-life majority in the state court to 5-2.

The biggest headline in the state is JD Vance’s victory in becoming the next senator from Ohio. Vance defeats pro-abortion “Catholic” Tim Ryan.


While Chuck Schumer and Kathy Hochul will claim victory, there was a bright spot in a house race as three pro-abortion “Catholics” lost their seats in House races.

Peter Lawler defeated Sean Maloney, a pro-abortion “Catholic” representative.

Zach Nunn defeated Cindy Axne to flip District 3 of Iowa.

Anna Luna defeats pro-abortion candidate Eric Lynn for Florida District 13 seat.

Republicans missed many golden opportunities to hold or flip seats, yet this is not the time to lick our wounds. We must continue to stand against abortion. The only way to make America pro-life is to continue to be a voice for the voiceless.

Our allegiance and faith shall be placed on Jesus Christ. Never give up. Keep fighting the good fight. Let’s finish this race to make America pro-life today

Abortion & 2022 Election Debacle: Eyes-Wide-Open

John Pisciotta, Founding Director of Pro-Life Waco

       I am stunned and saddened this morning.  The election did not turn out as many life-defenders hoped and expected.  A wave of Republican support did not happen, and we lost ALL state-level abortion ballot propositions.

       As of mid-morning of November 9, majority control of the House of Representatives has not been determined, but will likely be Republican by a small margin. Control of the Senate could go to either side. Abortion propositions were on the ballot in 5 states: Vermont, California, Michigan, Kentucky, and Montana. We lost in all 5 states. In Montana, the modest proposition would have required medical care for a baby born in the process of abortion. In the other states, the propositions were broader and stronger affirmations of abortion access.

       The State of Texas held strong for Republicans and pro-life. There were other bright spots, such as the huge victory of Governor DeSantis in Florida and Republican gains broadly in Florida.

       Nevertheless, big Republican gains did not happen even with a highly favorable environment relating to inflation, the economy, crime, education, and immigration.

       I have two takeaways.

1. The fall of Roe v Wade and subsequent pro-life policy initiatives will be viewed by some as one of the reasons why Republicans failed to deliver on reasonable and predicted expectations. We should not think that all critical perspectives are wrong and hostile. Tactical errors on our side are a possibility.

2. The pro-life movement must be strong, wise, and effective to hold on to the pro-life gains of 2022. Complacency will take us nowhere but in reverse. All branches of the pro-life movement must be effective and also appreciate the roles of the other branches: I see these branches: church fidelity, tilting from the sexual revolution toward chastity, education, sidewalk counseling, pregnancy support centers, adoption,  public-square outreach and penetration, and politics. The importance of politics can actually be overstated. Our gains in politics will rest on the foundation we build through the broader movement.

       Let’s go to work, fully grounded in solidarity,  prayer, and Christian fidelity.

Jason Jones speaks in Waco for Second Sunday Gathering

Jason Jones brought his whole family.  They live in New Braunsfels about 30 miles north of San Antonio.  They are Hawaii people.  In just the last 2 or 3 years, they joined the migration to Texas.  He was superb in his presentation.  With a small venue, it was very personal and moving.  He stayed around for a long time signing books and videos and visiting with folks.  I had an excellent opportunity to visit with his wife. They have five children and homeschool.  I gave them containers of sauce and meatballs to enjoy back home. 

Billboards in Post-Roe America: time to shift from “it’s a baby” to “abortion hurts women”

Pro-Life Waco displayed this billboard several years ago.  I’m thinking of returning to something very close to this billboard–possibly a yard sign too. 

Here’s my thinking. Let me know your thoughts.  This relates to CHANGING people’s thoughts and their hearts.  The two big contentions between pro-choice and pro-life are: 1. Is the life in the womb actually a human life? 2. Does abortion help or hurt a woman on her path to a better life? I believe that with sonograms and so many other factors, we have broadly convinced Americans about #1. If we have largely won on proposition #1, does it make sense to keep hammering away on it as in the past.

However,  we have a long way to go–and thus a substantial opportunity– with education on the harmful impacts of abortions on women.  It seems to me we have more to gain by shifting pro-life resources (at least partially) from “It’s a baby.”  to” Abortions hurt women.”

There are a lot of messages that can be used.  I like this billboard in Spanish for a lot of reasons.  This is not solely in Spanish. Everyone knows what these words mean in English. 

So, what do you think about more deployment messages on the impact of abortion on women in our billboards and yard signs?


100 pro-lifers from near and far gathered outside of the federal building in Old City Philadelphia to stand with Mark Houck. The event featured an all-star lineup of speakers with Reverend Bill Devlin serving as the master of ceremonies of the peaceful rally.

In addition to the speaker lineup, representatives from Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising were in town to publicly demonstrate outside of the federal building calling out the hypocrisy of the Justice Department on targeting pro-lifers but not those who vandalized, firebombed, and attacked churches and pregnancy resource centers during the course of the summer of rage. No arrests were made for those crimes.

As the unlawful incident from the FBI has been two weeks, pro-lifers knew that a rally must take place to stand against the tyrannical acts of Garland and Biden’s Justice Department.

There was even a couple who came forward to show a side of Mark Houck the media has failed to cover. He saved a child from being aborted outside of the very Planned Parenthood the incident took place.

A shocking video from the raid has now been released to the public and has been obtained by LifeNews.com regarding a similar raid in Tennessee. It has yet to release a video from Mark Houck’s raid.

See photos from the rally here.