Connecting the Dots: Pagan Child Sacrifice, Abortion, and the Corona Virus

molechPP Bldgabortionist

Below is the story of God’s call on a young man’s life and his promise to do all he could concerning the evil of abortion.  

Before he entered seminary, Chuck Wilson was convicted by the Word of God concerning abortion. He told the Lord he would do whatever he could to speak out about the evil of abortion. He has faithfully kept that promise for over 30 years.

Pastor Chuck Wilson, a former youth pastor, was called by the Lord to plant a church in  New Hope, PA.  With much prayer and support from his wife, Kim, and a group of dedicated Christians from his former church,  they planted New Hope Community Church in 2000.

Through God’s grace and many trials, the church has become a light in the darkness.  It’s a warm and welcoming church that shares the love of Christ with everyone. New Hope Community Church has become a haven to those who are lost, lonely and hurting. Many find hope and healing when they surrender their lives to Jesus, our Savior.

Chuck and Kim are parents to 13 children.   Three years ago , they experienced the tragic loss of their son, Ryan.  Before Ryan’s death, Kim was caring for his infant daughter, Laurel.  She is now a precocious toddler and is dearly loved by Chuck, Kim and her brothers and sisters.

Chuck has spoken at various pro-life events.  Chuck, Kim and members of New Hope Community Church have participated in 40 Days for Life and other events at Warminster Planned Parenthood in Bucks County, PA.

To all who value life from conception to natural death, please take the time to listen to Pastor Chuck’s powerful message.  It will greatly encourage you to pray and continue the fight for an end to abortion in our nation. His Bible-based sermons can be heard on the church’s podcast.

Click here to listen to Pastor Chuck’s pro-life sermon.

Click alternative link to Pastor Chuck’s pro-life sermon.

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