Please Join Pro-Life Waco for their Pro-Life Outreach this Week and Every Week

The information below is from an email from Pro-Life Waco.  Please join them in prayer this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at the PP in Waco from your home, church or in person if you’re able. 

Abortions this Wed, Thurs, and Friday in Waco

Yes, babies are scheduled to die in “Suite A” at 700 W HWY 6 this Wed. (July 6), Thur. (July 7), and Fri. (July 8).  Pro-Life Waco will deliver Sidewalk Counseling to turn moms to Care Net’s life-saving and soul-nurturing support.

Please provide prayer support from wherever you are and particularly on your feet or on your knees in the PP public right-of way along Highway 6.

This Wednesday and EVERY Wednesday a Pro-Life Rosary will be prayed at 9 AM at Planned Parenthood. All are welcome to join.

In support of Sidewalk Counseling, we will have counseling blessing bag assembly on Saturday, July 10 at St Mark Lutheran Church, 2000 Clay Avenue. Begins at 10 AM and will be finished before noon. Can you help?


Rise Up in Waco at PP on Thursday, July 8

A little sunshine. A little rain. Delicious tacos. A bold proclamation of the Gospel of Life from 8 to 10 AM on July 8. We will be in the public right-of way of Planned Parenthood at 700 W HWY 6. We will show our neighbors that they have neighbors that deeply care about the shedding of innocent blood in our midst. Delicious breakfast tacos will be served on site at 9 AM. Free yard signs, t-shirts, literature, and jewelry will be available. JOIN AND LET YOUR LITTLE LIGHT SHINE!

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