Classy Chicks Interview Philly Pro-Lifer

In a recent interview, the Classy Chicks podcast interviewed Mickey Kelly. He has been a guest contributor for Savannah Speaks 4 Life newsletter that publishes on a weekly basis. The interview shares why men are needed in the fight against abortion while sharing the staggering number of abortions that is more than 10x higher than the 2021 homicide rate.

To listen to the interview, click here.


We have a slate of states that will host their annual state marches.

Thanks to the Dobbs v Jackson decision in June 2022, the abortion debate has been sent to the state. Pro-lifers, this is your call to action to defend life at its most vulnerable stage in your state level.

Illinois will host its inaugural state march in Springfield on Tuesday, March 21st.

To view the schedule of state and province marches, visit here.


The biggest night for 1,200 pro-lifers across the Greater Philadelphia area occurred on November 20th. Those gathered celebrated the past year’s accomplishments on the state and national level while looking to the future.

Ashley Garecht, a board member of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia, took time to address the crowd and plea to those gathered to double their efforts in the now Post-Roe society. Though the Supreme Court made a half-century error right, it didn’t “the end to abortion”. Instead, the issue was sent back to the states.

The event was broken into two parts. The first was hearing from a keynote speaker. Given the 40th anniversary of the dinner, it was a no-brainer that the keynote speaker this year was David Bereit, former director of 40 Days for Life.

Bereit helped lead the first 40 Days campaign at a Planned Parenthood in Bryan, TX which is now the national headquarters for this life-saving ministry since 2013. 40 Days is now in 700 cities throughout the United States and the world.

Bereit, a native of western Pennsylvania, felt great to be back in his home state, but he knows more happens in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

He opens his remarks with where he was with the Dobbs decision and acknowledged the fact that more work must be done now that the abortion issue will be decided state by state. He and his wife Margaret wept for the decision and those that continue to be lost.

“The most important work is ahead of us.” David said as he alluded to the 32,123 abortions in Pennsylvania in 2021 with half in the Greater Philadelphia area and drawing attention to the results of the recent state elections.

Bereit offered three things all pro-lifers can do.

The first is to understand the nature of the struggle. Bereit shared his visit to Grand Rapids on visiting a place that changed his life on 72 Ransom Ave. He met the owners of a pregnancy resource center in a once-abortion facility after being a church for a hundred years. The people of faith came together and prayed for the abortion facility to close and it did in 1999. As he was touring the facility, he heard harrowing stories of the once-abortion facility as went room from room. Pro-lifers have to understand the “spiritual struggle on the issue of abortion and engage it with prayer and fasting.”

“With God, all things are possible,” Bereit exclaimed.

The second is to hear the call from God to get involved. Bereit challenged those gathered to ask God how can they answer the call to be part of the pro-life movement.

“It is a question worth asking. Then we must listen to God’s answer.” Bereit suggested.

Drawing from his friend David’s idea to be present for 40 days and 40 nights outside of a Planned Parenthood in their community, they answered the call to stop abortions from happening in their community. It paid off as abortions dropped by 28% in its first campaign.

The third piece of advice he offers is to work together. He wants all pro-lifers to come together to pray, fast, and give alms for the cause of life.

The next part of the evening served as the second biggest hallmark of the annual gathering. The Pro-Life Union of the Greater Philadelphia area awarded pro-lifers past and present for their ground-breaking achievements. The evening saw the debut of two new award categories, the St. John Neumann Award and Warrior of the Decade hence the 40th anniversary of the dinner. The other awards given that evening are the St. John Paul the Great Be Not Afraid and Defender of Life.

Fr. Chris Walsh was the first recipient of the St. John Neumann Award. Fr. Walsh was an active member of the Pro-Life Union for the last 15 years. He put much effort into improving the spiritual aspect of the coalition. He was chosen for the award as he continues to strive to serve God and his people, no matter the challenges that lie ahead of him.

The organization gave its inaugural Warrior of the Decade to four worthy recipients, Mary Daly, Molly Kelly, Father John McFadden, and Kim Savage.

Since 1969, Mary Daly has been at the forefront of the pro-life movement. Her accomplishments are many, but it is something to be emulated among every pro-lifer.

Molly Kelly is considered the “Golden Girl” of the pro-life movement. She was instrumental in bringing the chastity message to thousands of students. She has emceed the annual dinner for many years and is known for her great enthusiasm and her Irish humor.

Another priest from Philadelphia has made the list of award recipients this year. Fr. John McFadden was the pivotal mover and shaker of the establishment of Mothers Home in Darby, which today serves pregnant homeless moms. He also took part in many of the operation rescues in the early pro-life movement.

The final recipient of the Warrior of the Decade is Kim Savage. Kim was placed for adoption by her birth parents and it has been her guide in her involvement in the pro-life movement as she depends on Jesus. She was the founding director of Generation Life and takes the pro-life and chastity message across the Delaware Valley and beyond.

Ed Blaney is the recipient of the 2022 St. John Paul the Great “Be Not Afraid” award. For 24 years, Blaney has organized Pro-Life Benefit for Guiding Star Ministries. He also spent countless hours in front of the abortion facilities on Comly Road and Center City Philadelphia.

40 years and the dinner continues to go strong. We march on.


The following is from Barbara Rose, Please consider supporting them with #GivingTuesday approaching on November 29th.

The Gianna Center of Philadelphia is entering its fourth year at the Suburban Community Hospital in East Norriton, providing much needed early pregnancy medical care and referrals for material support to all women in the Greater Philadelphia area. Dr. Delia Larrauri, like Dr. Monique Ruberu, practices authentic Catholic health care for women, diagnosing and treating them with the NaProTechnology protocols developed at the Pope Paul VI Institute. Dr. Larrauri has one other talent – and that is a proficiency in speaking Spanish 🙂  

As you know, authentic pro-life health care for women is practically non-existent in our area.

That is why we are participating  in  #iGiveCatholic – on Giving Tuesday (first Tuesday after Thanksgiving). Advanced giving is happening now

For details, please see this link

Please remember that the Gianna Center is not just a medical clinic – it is truly a center. A center for pro-life health care and a health educational center. In October, we conducted an educational program for mothers and daughters aged 10 go 13. For photos, please see this link.   This is needed more then ever today. We have also purchased a program from the Diocese of St. Louis called the Wonder of Eve for teenagers. We hope to do this by zoom a few times a year.

I can never thank you adequately for all of your support!  I realize you have done so much already, but I am humbly asking that, if you have facebook, please go to the Gianna facebook page and share the link to the #iGiveCatholic.

We Will Rise Again 

After this week’s disappointing election results, I’m sure many of you are as bummed out as I am.  Living in Pennsylvania I am especially disappointed, and I can’t imagine so many people from my state voting for candidates who want to impose their immorality and perversions on the rest of us.  How can they vote for a man who can’t put a coherent sentence together? How can so many people vote to keep their so-called ‘right’ to kill their unborn children?? How can they think it’s okay to mutilate and sterilize their children or someone else’s child because ‘they’ have determined that child should be another sex?  I just can’t get my head around this kind of thinking.   

Since election day a hymn has been going through my head that I know most have sung or at least heard. The hymn is ‘We Will Rise Again’ by David Haas.  I’m posting the refrain below as I think we all need to remember these words and keep in mind that God is in charge.  We just need to keep doing what we have been doing to stop the insanity in our nation, and trust that God will continue to be our strength, and one day, hopefully in the near future, we will rise again.  

The children of the United States of America, especially the unborn are depending on us.   


We will run and not grow weary, 

for our God will be our strength, 

and we will fly like the eagle, 

we will rise again. 

You can find the whole song at this website: 


Three states that were architects of election integrity, pro-life measures, and free speech claimed victory for their incumbent governors. Here is a breakdown.


Brian Kemp wins a contested re-election. Despite Stacey Abrams spending big money, her margin of defeat was more extensive than the gap between her two front teeth.


Ron DeSantis cruises to a landslide victory, defeating Charlie Crist to win a second term. During his victory rally, DeSantis quotes St Paul’s letter to the Philippians while thanking his supporters and God for the monumental victory. No question he has a lot of work to do.


Greg Abbott gets his 3rd term in the Lone Star State. He beats a familiar name to many people, Beto O’Rourke. Beto has now lost three major elections on the federal and state level. He lost in 2018 to Ted Cruz for the U.S. Senate. He had an unsuccessful bid to become President of the United States in 2020. And now, he can add losing the gubernatorial race to the triple crown.

Now, all three of these re-elected governors must continue to set the course for our nation. No question they have a lot of unfinished business. Who knows? One could be a 2024 presidential favorite.


Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” Thomas Paine

It is no surprise that our unalienable rights, laid out in the Declaration of Independence, will once again hang in the balance by eligible voters 18 and over who are U.S. citizens.

The events of the past few months give all of us an indication that their vote matters now more than ever. Our country has been decaying by immoral leadership under a “Catholic” president who is lost, confused, and arrogant.

In many of my walks around my home city, I have been concerned and appalled at the hypocrisy of the signs that talk about choice, freedom, and racism. It makes one wonder what has happened to society.

Let us be clear there has been a radical and progressive group that has stirred the pot in racism, guise choice as mercy, and claimed that there is no room for hate. That same group has embraced socialism, communism, and woke ideology while placing the blame on others yet not themselves.

The issue of life is under constant attack. Despite the Supreme Court sending the abortion issue back to the states, many pro-lifers across the country have a lot of work to do. This goes to those who are in the states that have barred abortion to some degree.

Conservatives, particularly pro-lifers, have been canceled by a rogue agency under Biden’s watch. Many dedicated pro-lifers have a target on their backs, yet we have a chance to stand tall.

The family helps glue society. Sadly, we are seeing a father missing in a household because of the lack of commitment. We were warned of how imminent the final battle can be decided by the family.

Voters, on November 8th, you have a choice to make. Life or death? Freedom or tyranny? protect the family or watch it suffer?

Let’s get to the polls and help pro-life, pro-God, pro-American candidates get into office. Your vote matters. If you can stand in line to get groceries during the lockdowns last year, you can surely do the same to protect life. Mail-in ballots are a scam.

“Vote for life. It may be your own.” Mother Angelica


The third of four ber months is upon us.

Catholics set aside the month of November for the souls in purgatory. Likewise, there is much to do as pro-lifers as the year is near its end.

Here is your monthly checklist

  1. Help Pro-America candidates across the finish line
  2. Set aside time to remember the faithfully departed
  3. Collect food for families on the margins
  4. Coordinate a baby shower for a mom who said “yes” to life but is in need of maternity items
  5. Take part in the #GivingTuesday campaign on November 29th by supporting pro-life organizations.
  6. Take time to give thanks to God for the gift of life
  7. Continue to be a peaceful and loving presence outside of abortion facilities in your community
  8. Promote the message of life before, during, and after the midterms.
  9. Ask your pastor or priest to hold a Holy Hour or Prayer Service for an end to abortion.
  10. Take part in the Flame of Love rosary campaign to save a million souls trapped in purgatory.
  11. Wear pro-life apparel everywhere you go. Good conversation starters for those inclined to have an open mind with the issue.

Happy November. May God bless your efforts


The following is a Letter to the Editor written by Mike McGonagle

While we appreciate the occasional commentaries with a pro-life viewpoint, we express our strong objection to the consistently biased – and sometimes outright false – Inquirer news coverage of the “abortion issue.”

The principal difference in the “pro-life”/”pro-choice” debate is recognizing the scientific reality and alleged rights of the child in the womb. The Inquirer news coverage continues to ignore this reality by refusing to publish photos of children killed by abortion – or even photos of children in the womb. An excellent example remains the iconic photo of Samuel Armas’ “Hand of Hope”
extending from his mother’s womb during surgery at 21 weeks gestation.

We, in the pro-life movement, welcome the routine scrutiny that the Inquirer provides to a proposed law or a candidate regarding “exceptions,” such as unborn children with disabilities or whose lives began as a result of their father’s violent crime. However, your reporters fail to report on the lives of “hard cases,” such as Kathy Barnette, the former 2022 Republican candidate
for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania who was conceived in rape when her mom was 11. Equally biased, the Inquirer fails to provide hard case scrutiny of the extent of “pro-choice” laws or candidates, such as support for abortion in the ninth month of pregnancy, as John Fetterman has expressed in a recent CNN interview.

Another example is the Inquirer’s one-sided – and sometimes outright false – “medical reports” on how providing legal protection to children in the womb – or the availability of Catholic health care – will increase the risk of expectant mothers dying from the lack of treatment for miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

Finally, the Inquirer describes abortion as “health care.” This description means that the child in the womb is a disease or a tumor, rather than a living human being with a right to life.


The following is a letter to the editor from David Morgan.

“Babies are the joy of life,” said a Philadelphia area woman.

Like an expert “umpire,” she made a good call. Infants’ silly expressions and chuckles drive their “fans” to smile! Lately though, who is really “rooting” for these “rookies” ……………when they are unborn? Expectant mothers and fathers can “step up to bat” for their unborn child in love. They can view their baby’s development, a “sprint” with an ultrasound live video. Also, they can “walk” through/scroll to “First-trimester growth and development benchmarks” on the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia website (

There they can study the “play-by-play” of events. By 4 weeks the heart is beating like the “rhythm of the music in the stands.” By 8 weeks these young ones are well formed, displaying fingers and toes, moving around like “running the bases.” And in 12 weeks they are totally formed, just like the rest of us “players” at life, but smaller, in their own “little league.” They are such lovable “stars,” with their own unique DNA like a “special name and number” on each “jersey.” They are waiting “on deck” to be born. However, many politicians, writers, and cartoonists want lots of them “locked out of the park!” Plus Planned Parenthood throws a “big curve ball” by not offering up much parenthood at all.

Checking “stats” in their latest annual report ( 383,460 abortions were performed versus only 8,775 prenatal visits and a mere 1,940 adoption referrals. (page 27)

It is time to “take a swing” at the $633.4 million (of our hard-earned tax payments page 30) going to Planned Parenthood, and “line drive” it over to life-promoting health centers. Politicians who fund unrestricted abortion at taxpayer expense should be “thrown out when they are off base” by voters. A woman may give birth to a babe like the renowned “Babe Ruth” of baseball’s early days. The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists has “scouted out” the mom’s risks of abortion physically as well as emotionally, even in future pregnancies. AAPLOG also has a statement about the “team approach” to saving the lives of both mother and unborn child: Premature Delivery is Not Induced Abortion – Prolife OBGYNS – AAPLOG – American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians & Gynecologists. Delivery of a baby, like “delivery of a pitch” has a better outcome than the “balk” known as abortion. Like refreshing food at the “snack stand,” there is help for women by women in pregnancy resource centers. The phrase “loving them both” is “in play”. The needs of the total person including counseling (even for abortion grief) and personal provisions can be addressed or met in “out of the park home run” wonderful ways! Many centers “coach” and help until the child is 5 years old, with no tax dollars accepted from inflationary government spending. One of the most celebrated holidays, Christmas, began with Christ’s birth; involving traveling with effort like mounting the “stadium stairs.” It was like a “rain delay,” an inconvenient time to give birth to baby Savior, yet it brought “good news for all people.” Luke 2: 10-11 in Bible. Dedicated love is needed from the start, the “singing of the national anthem” time, leading with big effort to lullabies sung. For parents the first sight, like the start of “opening day” should be Baby’s ultrasound picture, followed by a lifetime of photos with smiles among family, in places of worship, in school and maybe on the “team!”