PA Abortions Increase, Pro-Life Efforts Increase


In 2021 there were 3% more abortions in Pennsylvania than in the previous year. The total, 33,206, is the highest number of abortions reported in the past ten years. Half, 16,542, of those abortions occur right in our backyard, the five-county Philadelphia area.

To help understand the sheer magnitude, imagine 16,542 moms or dads pushing a baby in a stroller in a single file. It would be a line that stretches nearly sixteen miles! Imagine one of them being your grandchild or child, nephew or niece.

This is why the Pro-Life Union believes that we can’t protect the right to life as a single organization. Instead, we need to support our associate member organizations, work with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and independent churches, and anyone who will join us in the effort. Pregnancy resource centers like Hope Pregnancy and AlphaCare are part of the solution.

The Pro-Life Union and Catholic Social Services partnership at the Cenacle in Frankford serving more than one thousand vulnerable families is part of the answer. Adoption is a Loving Option, Culture Project, Students for Life, and other groups reaching out to students are a significant part of the effort. Forty Days for Life, Sidewalk Servants, and others organizing volunteers to serve in front of abortion centers are rescuing babies (and women) in another way.

Chester County Pro-Life Coalition and their March for Life and sponsorship of the name? ‘TOB for young women’ is another part of the prevention. You can meet many of these resource providers on April 1st at the Life Advocate Resource Conference. Many churches working together to provide solutions will also be present.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” — John 1:5


30 years ago, a couple chose life for a child they carried out of wedlock. His name is Aaron Judge. Fortunately, that couple decided to place him for adoption. It paid off. Patty and Wayne Judge adopted baby Aaron as they loved and cherished every moment they shared with him.

This 30 yr old, 6 foot 7, 282 lb man could very well have just been an aborted statistic, but because his birth parents chose life for their son, a Christian and a man of strong character has become the perfect role model for a generation that is in sorely need of one.

With rappers preaching about killing cops and raping women. With Hollywood spewing hate for America, with basketball players selling out to communist China for filthy lucre, Aaron Judge shines like a light in the darkness. A breath of fresh air in the stench of a society that has abandoned morality and righteousness.

This evening, Aaron Judge surpassed Roger Maris as the single season home run hitter. He made history thanks to his loving parents who gave him life and let adoption unleash love.


It’s September. School is back in session. Students return for another year on a college campus. A new month to set goals to defend life from womb to tomb.

Here’s the list of suggestions for September

  1. For college and high school students, begin holding meetings and brainstorming ideas to have a successful year
  2. Hold a sidewalk counseling/advocacy workshop
  3. Attend An Unborn Remembrance Day at a cemetery near you on September 10th. See the list here.
  4. Sign up for 40 Days for Life.
  5. Living in a state where abortion is no more? Use it as a chance to educate your community on why abortion should be unthinkable.
  6. Hold a baby shower for a mom who chose life and is in need of help
  7. Hold a homeless outreach
  8. Donate gently used clothes and household items to charity
  9. For those in Pennsylvania, attend the 2nd annual Pennsylvania March for Life on Monday, September 19th in Harrisburg.
  10. Volunteer at a pregnancy center
  11. Help secure pro-life victories on the state and federal level with only months away from the mid-term elections.

Have a great month of September. Make it one to remember.


The year continues to wind down. We are at the halfway point of autumn and we will be at a point where we do early Christmas shopping, plan for the holidays, and enjoy the fall activities that we shall enjoy while they last. There is still opportunities to defend life which brings us to ideas and events.

  1. Vote in the 2021 General Election. We have the gubernational elections in NJ and VA. We also have civic elections that must get your attention and vote.
  2. Take part in the First Friday and Saturday devotions.
  3. Raise awareness on infertility and miscarraiges. Offer your love and support for these moms who carry this heavy cross.
  4. For those in Greater Philadelphia area, attend the Stand Up for Life Dinner and Respect Life Committee at Holy Martyrs
  5. Help students attend the annual dinner
  6. Plan a Memorial Mass for all those who have died.
  7. Attend prayer vigils near you or out of your comfort zone (Sidewalk Servants start back up on November 1st and end on March 2nd) Give an hour or two of your time a week.
  8. Remember pro-life charities in the midst of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping during #GivingTuesday campaign on Tuesday, November 30th.
  9. Take time to count your blessings as we wind down 2021.
  10. Take part in the Culture Project’s fundraiser to support the Philly missionaries.
  11. Host a Holy Hour for an end to the Culture of Death.
  12. Write to your representative or call them and urge them to defend life and #SaveHyde

Make November the best month to save lives and change hearts. Never underestimate the good work you do to cultivate a culture of life through your witness.

Your Chance to do God’s Work

The following is from an e-mail blast sent by Dr. Monique Ruberu.

Last Saturday Irene who is new to sidewalk counseling (only her 2nd time praying there) came and joined Jim at 12th and Locust. A college-age guy and girl were stunned at the sign.  They complained about the facts written about Margaret Sanger. 

Four male friends showed up. Two held back so I asked what they knew about Margaret Sanger. Never heard of her.

Irene alertly noticed one of the other guys nodding at her points as she explained how bad abortion was so she asked him to speak.

He simply said “I’m adopted. I would have been aborted.”

The six then headed off to some event with no further debate.

You don’t have to speak… all we ask is that you lovingly, prayerfully stand witness and offer resources if possible… 

I promise that if you stand in prayer the Holy Spirit will give you the words needed when the time comes to speak.

Please help us have an unbroken chain of prayer!!! Please help us fill these empty slots. 

Wed 9/8

777: 11-1

Thursday 9/9 

12th and locust: 11-1

777: 11-1

Friday 9/10

777: 11-1

Saturday 9/11

12th and locust: 1-2, 2-4

A Tale Of Two Olympians: Allyson Felix vs Simone Biles

With Summer 2020 +1 Olympics over, we look back and watch the incredible stories of many athletes who took part in the long-anticipated olympiad. In the midst of the stories, we have heard of faith, trial, and resilience journeys. Meanwhile, one rising star had to put her mental health ahead of her sport to promote awareness and self-care.

Allyson Felix

One of the most popular track stars for Team USA this year was Allyson Felix. Felix once had a contract with Nike. However, the company nixed her contract in 2017 as they don’t protect pregnant athletes. Despite getting cut by the popular shoe brand, she carried on her pregnancy and gave birth to her daughter in November of 2018.

In the spring of 2019, Felix penned an OP-ED for the New York Times. She shared how Nike poorly mistreated her and her fellow pregnant athletes. The company even predicted that she will never compete again. Later in 2019, she silenced her naysayers as she competed to qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. In June of 2021, she qualified for the 400 meters. During the events in Tokyo, she won her 10th overall medal in the same race. In her final race as an Olympian, she led her teammates to victory in winning gold in the 4×400 race and is now the most decorated Olympian in Track and Field.

Simone Biles

In 1997, an unfit drug-addicted mother gave birth to a girl that would have been a big target for Planned Parenthood. Fast forward to 2016, she would break out onto the Olympic stage in gymnastics. That woman is Simone Biles. Biles story of sexual assault from Larry Nassar and being a product of foster care got everyone talking. This week, however, she fielded unpopular opinions. One was how abortion is wrong and her response, “I already know this is going to start the biggest argument & may even lose followers BUT I’m very much pro-choice.” 

Biles would go on assuming pro-lifers are all about “control”. She missed the mark on her head with her comment for two reasons.

One, the whole, “my body, my choice” concept doesn’t hold water. Instead, a woman does not kill her body during an abortion. Rather, she terminates her child while wiping away future bloodlines that were to come. The pro-life movement does not want to “control” women’s bodies. Instead, it wants to help women who feel like there are no other options. Our culture keeps pushing the answer that a child will hold you back from school, career, and even future endeavors. On the contrary, the child unlocks so much joy and adventure for the mom.

Two, Biles is a product of a foster care system that needs improvement. Thankfully, she was adopted by her grandfather. Despite her upbringing, she went on to be a successful gymnast on the world stage. The potential sufferings that Biles feared did not keep her from showing the world who she is. Instead, it made her stronger. Humans are bound to suffer and it is an inevitable part of our life’s journey. For Biles, she overcame many of them.

Simone Biles, as a Brother in Christ, you overcame many adversities, both physical and mentally, as I have. You have shocked the world in Rio with your talent. I know the topic of abortion was a bit challenging for you to share where you stand. However, as a Catholic, you are called to reject the rhetoric that abortion is a woman’s right. You’re the epitome of a miracle for everyone. Look at how much you have accomplished in your twenty-four years of life. you are the living example of being brought into the world, despite your mother being unfit and your father abandoning her. Your view on abortion needs a hard look as the industry targets African Americans.

Let us pray for Simone Biles to see the light.

July To-Do List

We’re halfway through the year. It felt like yesterday that we said good riddance to 2020 that will eventually be a livid memory.

Now, that we are slowly but surely coming out of the nerve-wrecking pandemic, it is time to step up your game to defend life in your community.

Here are events and suggestions for July:

  1. First Friday and Saturday devotions
  2. Pray the Patriotic Rosary for the 4th of July holiday
  3. Educate people about the importance of the Declaration of Independence, particularly the first inalienable right.
  4. Make a Holy Hour for Life
  5. Take part in Sidewalk Servants
  6. Learn how to Sidewalk Counsel
  7. Volunteer at a pregnancy resource center
  8. Distribute water, food, and toiletries to the homeless
  9. Host a fundraiser for a homeless shelter, crisis resource center, etc
  10. When on vacation, locate an abortion facility near the destination and pray for an hour while meeting local activists.
  11. Participate in the summer rally near you. Details coming soon.
  12. Join the Sisters of Life in a rosary walk on July 24th. It’ll start at Basilica at 10AM.
  13. Run a maternity drive for mothers in need and pregnancy resource centers.

Overall, your pro-life conviction does not take a vacation. It is 24/7. Be sure to be creative with exercising your pro-life views.

Have a great month of July and a safe summer.

Jockey Being Family Supports Adoptive and Foster Families

I am always amazed when a random act leads me to a message that is worth sharing in this blog.  I recently ordered some skirts from the Jockey website.  There was a sale and additional discount for signing up, so I did.  When the package arrived, out came the skirts along with a small postcard thanking me and stating that this purchase was fostering change.  As it turns out, in 2005 Jockey (headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin) established the Jockey Being Family Foundation in support of its corporate initiative to strengthen adoptive families.  It is a story that is very personal to Debra Waller, Chairman and CEO of Jockey.  She, in fact, was adopted into the family that owned Jockey and took over the reins of the business after her mother died in 2001. 

Local community volunteers as well as Jockey employees work together to make blankets for children, as well as fill backpacks that children will take to their new homes.  The Jockey Being Family website offers resource for parents in the form of webinars, support articles and podcasts.  A percentage of all Jockey sales goes to the Foundation. The Foundation also partners with several non-profits to create programs to help adoptive families: The Center for Adoption Support and Education (CASE), Creating A Family, Wisconsin Adoption and Permanency Support and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Since adoption is part of our pro-life message, it feels good to know that a company I purchased from supports strengthening family ties – so many times this is not the case with corporate America.

Please check out the Foundation website and consider ordering directly from the Jockey website in the future so that your purchase can impact the family unit in a positive way!



Here are some things you can do during the month of May

  1. First Saturday devotion on the feast of St. Joseph the Worker
  2. Support a pregnancy center in your community.
  3. Host a baby shower for a mother facing an unexpected pregnancy
  4. Host a screening of the movie Roe v. Wade. Learn more here.
  5. Host America Needs Fatima rally in or around the feast day. Note: it falls on the 40th Day of Easter and Catholics must attend mass.
  6. Write cards to new moms and of course your own.
  7. Take part in Sidewalk Servants.
  8. Participate in local vigils near you.
  9. Keep in mind those who are graduating, receiving sacraments, and special occasions by supporting our pro-life businesses.
  10. Help your parish coalition hand out roses at your church while collecting donations for Mother’s Day.

This is the list of things to do to advance the culture of life.