Archbishop Prays Outside Planned Parenthood For an End to Abortion

“Christians have always understood that the commandment, ‘Thou shall not kill,’ applies to all life, including life in the womb,” Archbishop Cardileone

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone Leads Prayers for Unborn Babies at a PP Abortion Site

Micaiah Bilger of Life News filed the following report concerning California Archbishop Cordileone leading prayers in front of Planned Parenthood.

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone led prayers for unborn babies outside a Planned Parenthood abortion facility April 10 in San Mateo, California.

Catholic San Francisco reports the Catholic leader joined hundreds of pro-lifers for a special Mass for Life outside the nation’s largest abortion chain.

“During these days after Easter we celebrate the new life God has given us through the resurrection of Christ, His son,” Cordileone said. “We come together to pray for and to witness to the sanctity of life, human life that speaks to us of the eternal life God has won for us through the sacrifice of His Son.”

He emphasized the power of prayer before he led Catholics in the rosary on the sidewalk near the abortion facility, according to the report.

“The rosary is a very important prayer, and the history of the church has shown that when we pray the rosary, God can work miracles,” the archbishop said. “We need the miracle of putting an end to abortion and recreating a culture of life in which every new life is welcome.”

The special Mass was a ministry of St. Gregory, St. Bartholomew and St. Timothy parishes in San Mateo and the local Knights of Columbus, the report states.

Planned Parenthood is a billion-dollar abortion chain that reported more than 354,000 abortions last year. Peaceful pro-life advocates frequently stand outside abortion facilities to pray and offer information and support to mothers in need.

Cordileone has spoken out repeatedly against abortion this year. In January, he drew national attention when he publicly criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her pro-abortion views. Pelosi, a pro-abortion Democrat who represents San Francisco, accused pro-life voters of “being willing to sell the whole democracy down the river for that one issue,” abortion.

Life News report continues

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