The following is from Tom Stevens of Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia.

This week there are two more pro-life hearings happening in the PA House Health Committee – and again each presents you with an opportunity to help share pro-life facts with your supporters and on social media.

  1. Wednesday, April 21st, 8:00am – Pro-Life, Abortion – Part II – Providers and Alternatives
    1. A representative from Planned Parenthood and an independent abortion provider are expected to testify.
  2. Thursday, April 22nd, 9:00am – Pro-Life, Abortion – Part III – Down Syndrome
    1. Dr. Karen Gaffney and several parents of children with Down syndrome are scheduled to testify in support of the Down Syndrome Protection Act, Senate Bill 21. More about the bill:

To watch the livestream of both pro-life hearings this week, go to  

One way to show your pro-life support is to do so on social media – especially since the pro-abortion lobby will be active in attacking pro-life legislators and testifiers.

  • On Facebook, please thank State Representative and House Health Chairwoman Kathy Rapp –
  • For Thursday, on Twitter you can thank the lead sponsors of the Down Syndrome Protection Act, State Senators Scott Martin – @SenatorMartinPA – and Judy Ward – @SenatorJWard – along with State Representative Kate Klunk (who is on the PA House Health Committee) – @RepKateKlunk 
  • You can also use #SB21 and #ALifeWorthLiving to support the Down Syndrome Protection Act online.

I will continue to use #ProLifeFacts on Twitter in my posts from each hearing – you can follow along at

Lastly, we were very thankful to have outstanding testimony shared by three pro-life doctors at the first PA House Health Committee hearing on abortion that focused on fetal development and fetal pain. Here are the opening statements by each of these three doctors:

  1. Dr. Eric Hussar:
  2. Dr. Monique Ruberu:
    1. Rep. Rapp asked Dr. Ruberu about the level of pain during various abortion procedures. “I was listening in while [the Dept. of Health Secretary] was describing [the procedures] and she mentioned gentle suction. There’s nothing gentle about it.” Here’s the clip. As one of the Reps said afterwards, there were not many dry eyes after Dr. Ruberu’s response.
  3. Dr. Joseph Castelli: