38 years Later: Mission Is Still Same

Today is a solemn anniversary of Roe v Wade. It is in no way a day of rejoicing. Instead, it is a day of mourning. It should also be a day of fasting and penance.

62 million lives were lost in the name of choice. That is more than the casualties from the Second World War. A decision made by seven male judges. Yes, men can have an opinion on this so called “women’s issue”.

The good news, the tide is turning. The movement that went from blocking entrances of abortion facilities to peacefully praying outside of gates of hell and even a Jericho in their community is growing stronger.

We must continue to strive for a pro-life nation beginning from the womb and ending at the tomb. Life has value, purpose, and it is worth living.

The abortion debate will not be won in the halls of congress, state capitals, or even a Supreme Court. Rather, it will be won on the streets of your city, college campuses, and even a community near you.

Today, I ask that you fast, pray, and even offer a penance for an end to the Culture of Death.