Tell Archbishop Gomez: Deny Biden The Eucharist NOW and ENFORCE CANON 915!

The following is deom Judie Brown of the American Life League. You are asked to hold our clergy accountable when it comes to enforcing church teachings.

Following a week of criticism from American Life League and a tidal wave of pro-life Catholic shock and outrage,  Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles was forced to backtrack on his comments applauding Abortion Joe Biden for an election he hasn’t won yet. 

Just one week ago, Gomez was effusive in his praise for Biden.  Yet this week, are we suddenly to believe that Gomez and the entire bureaucracy at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) suddenly had a change of heart?

Here’s a wild idea.

If Gomez and the USCCB are serious, then deny Biden the Eucharist now under Canon 915, demand that every Catholic bishop concur, and make that demand public.

Joe Biden has spent the last 47 years of his political career cheerleading the abortion industry.  Biden has already pledged to maximize federal taxpayer dollars for Planned Parenthood — the nation’s #1 abortion chain.

Gomez and others make the mistake of conflating abortion with other political issues.  Abortion is not an issue, it is an act that kills a member of the human family.  Abortion doesn’t require a “working group” — what we need are bishops and priests willing to stand by the infallible teachings of the Catholic Church for a change!

My question to you is this. 

Should the Catholic bishops protect the Eucharist from pro-abortion politicians such as Joe Biden and enforce Canon 915??

If your answer to this is an emphatic YES, I need to hear from you right now with your maximum gift of $500, $250 or even $100 right away.

Most faithful Catholic bishops are fed up with their own bureaucracy.  They are sick and tired of being told that saving babies is a “diverse and complex” issue when nothing further could be from the truth.  

Your gift of $35, $55, $75 or even $100 or $250 right now helps me take the fight directly to these feckless bureaucrats holding our Catholic bishops hostage with lies. 

Saving babies is easy.  Doing the right thing doesn’t require hesitation.

If the Catholic bishops will not defend the Eucharist, then what willthey defend?  

Getting Gomez to hear our voices was the easy part.  More Catholic bishops need to hear it loud and clear.

Tell the Catholic bishops.  If they’re serious about their “concerns” over Biden’s 47-year long pro-abortion record?  ENFORCE CANON 915.

This is our moment. 

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