Pennsylvania Pro-Life Election Priorities

Below is a message from Ted Meehan of the PA Pro-Life Coalition on the upcoming elections this year,  and the actions we need to take to  protect the Sanctity of Life in Pennsylvania and in the USA. 


We are in a strange time. Important election campaigns are taking place, but they are getting no media attention – and normal campaigning is impossible. So, we must do all we can to lay groundwork for success.

Priority NUMBER ONE is the re-election of President Trump. He does get media attention so I don’t think we will forget to vote for him. But make sure you do!

Priority Number Two in Pennsylvania is to elect Heather Heidelbaugh Attorney General.

– The current AG (Shapiro) will not enforce laws he doesn’t like. Abortion regulations to protect underage girls from human traffickers? Shapiro looks the other way. Parental consent violations? Shapiro dismisses them. The assault on marriage in Pennsylvania started with Shapiro. His ideological extremism motivates his official acts – not the Law.

Many people spend a lot of time and energy to enact laws to protect the Sanctity of Life. But if our Law Enforcement officers refuse to enforce these laws, they are useless in protecting Life.

If we were, by the grace of God, to overturn Roe v. Wade and prohibit abortion, a corrupt AG who refused to enforce that law could virtually reverse the rule of law – as Shapiro repeatedly does now.

Shapiro has sued the Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to pay for abortion and contraception. He is doing this right now – even after the Supreme Court of the United States has twice ruled that the Little Sisters are exempt from any such obligations.

The pro-life people of Pennsylvania must re-elect President Trump. But almost as important is to elect Heather Heidelbaugh AG.

So please begin spreading the word for Heather any way you can think of. Social Media, email blasts, blogs, Facebook, and word of mouth. Try to reach 5 new people each week. If you do, Heather will be our AG next January – and the Cause of Life will have a “new sheriff” in Harrisburg!

Find out more on Heather Heidelbaugh here .  A financial gift will be a huge help.  Thank you and God Bless each one!


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