Why Join 40 Days for Life?

The Spring 2020 40 Days for Life vigil will be kicking off in less than a month – even though we know it certainly won’t feel like Spring for those us manning vigil hours outside abortion centers here in my home blogpic3state of Pennsylvania. There are people who sign up for every vigil and for their participation we are most grateful. But for someone new to the pro-life movement, for someone who recently has learned about 40 Days – perhaps through the movie Unplanned – what are some of the reasons to join us in this campaign?

Well for those of you in PA, and in particular in the Philadelphia area here is a number of reasons: 30,364. There were 30,364 babies whose cause of death was abortion in Pennsylvania in 2018. And over 40 percent of these babies were killed in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburban counties. So, there are 30,364 reasons right there. You are not only praying for the end of abortion outside these centers but also proclaiming publicly to those who work in the abortion industry as well as to all who are driving by that life is valuable, even though our federal and state laws mirror a different message.

If one of these little angels were to appear before us, in our midst at a rally or march, I am sure her first words to us would not be “how does a bill become a law?” or “what is the Supreme Court?”. No, she would not be looking for a civics lesson to justify her death. I guarantee her first words would be “what happened to me?” and “couldn’t any of you stop it?”

The 40 Days for Life campaign is an opportunity for us to try to stop “it” – ABORTION! Just one hour is all that coordinators all over the world are asking for during a 40-day time span. Readers of this blog all have their own personal stories to tell of their involvement over the years to put an end to abortion. Participation in 40 Days is an opportunity to either begin your story or add to your story.  Please take some time to visit the 40 Days for Life website to learn about not only your local vigils but vigils all over the world. There will be Saves outside of abortion centers this Spring because of the presence of witnesses like you, and we may not ever know for sure which lives we have affected. But if you are not there, it is a lost opportunity to change someone’s mind. Don’t let this Spring be 40 days of lost opportunities.

SE PA 40 Days for Life:








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