Birthday Reflection

It appears that another calendar year will soon draw to a close.

While many people will be celebrating either Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, I throw in one additional day to the December mayhem (I celebrate Christmas)… My birthday.

I recently began looking back at 30 years of my life. What did I find? Oh, it would be equivalent to a photo album. Not only would you find memories from the moment I was born, but it also contains the many lessons, destinations, achievements, and times God was with me. It has not been an easy road.

It is a blessing that I have lived for thirty years. I do not know what the next thirty will take me to, but I know God will show me the way. He is my deliverer.


I have written articles, blog posts, screenplays, and soon to be a published novel. God wants me to use it to share it with others to build a culture of life to exemplify a civilization of love.

I enjoy taking part in social dancing. I was told how natural I am when it comes to leading.


Networking- I have helped connect people to others who are doing amazing work in the pro-life movement or even other ministries. In turn, I have networked with so many from parish to the coalition and everything in between.

Amazing pro-lifers- In my ten years of involvement with the movement, I have met so many people from all around the country and even across the globe. They are always encouraging me to be involved. Some have been gone too soon while others built a lifelong legacy since before the Roe v Wade decision.

I am a gift to so many. I make people laugh, intrigued by life changes, know they have someone to listen to their problems, seek advice, and even know how to put a smile on someone’s face.

Closing Thoughts

Sadly, as I look at a bigger picture,  many of my peers never had that opportunity when they were silenced by an apathetic society. Many of them had their lives ahead of them from birthdays to weddings, the birth of their children, weddings, and graduations, the list goes on.

We need to do more.

How can there be too many birthdays? That’s like saying there are too many Christmas celebrations. We need to build a culture of life that celebrates more birthdays than funerals. We do this by saving the most vulnerable in our society, the unborn, elderly and everyone in between.

My hope is that I will help inspire many, especially my peers, to stop being on the sidelines and take a step onto the playing field. This goes to Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Atheists, or even those of the Jewish faith. We can never be silent anymore on this issue.

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