Annual Mass of Remembrance for Our Deceased Pro-Life Friends to be Celebrated on Nov 25th in Newtown Square, Pa.

Towards the end of the year we have two memorial Masses in Southeast Pennsylvania.  One the end of November to remember the souls of our pro-life brothers and sisters who have preceded us in death, and one on the Feast of the Holy Innocents to remember the innocent preborn who were killed by abortion.  Below is information from Jack and Pat O’Brien, long-time leaders in the SE Pennsylvania pro-life movement on the  November Memorial Mass. 

Memorial Mass Rose

Memorial Mass

The Mass on November 25, at St. Anastasia Church, Newtown Square, is dedicated to members of our Pro-Life family who are at rest.

We will be celebrating their entry into the waiting arms of Our Lord and the loving arms of Our Blessed Mother.

Here at the banquet of the Eucharist, we will share the body and blood of Christ and remember His death and resurrection and the eternal gift of Life hereafter.

Let us recall that those, gone ahead, are living eternally in that joyful presence, surrounded by thousands and thousands of children. These happy children who are also there with waiting arms of jubilation, all excited to meet those who came to their defense here on earth. May all of us be so blest one day.

The names of those recently deceased will be read and a candle will be offered on their behalf.  

And  we remember…

Dr. Lori Bittner, Rita Buchy, Jean Cannon, Fran Cunnane, Betty Ann Daily, Charles Gindhart, Phil Kennedy, Kate Kurimay, Charlie Litzelman, Jerry Lynch, Jack McShea, Shane Melly, Deborah Marie Nunan, Elizabeth Parsons, Patricia Scalia, John Samoylo, Dick Schmid, Gerry Simboli, Janet Smith, Harriet Stanton, Ellie Walsh, and Frank Zinni

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