Two Weeks Remaining in 40 Days Campaign; Help is Still Needed

Crowd Shot 3

In her latest email, Dr. Monique Ruberu elaborates on how 40 Days is in the stretch drive. However, she points out that the murders still happen beyond 40 Days and our presence is needed every day in front of our modern-day concentration camps.

Guys, all over the world other men, women, and children are uniting with you in prayer and presence outside these gates of abortion centers hoping to encounter people they can help.  They don’t know all the answers, the perfect thing to say, they aren’t super confident or comfortable being there. It is probably the last place they would like to spend an hour of their time. They are busy – just like you… they have jobs, school, family, events, stress, but they prioritize this. Just like you do and I just want to say thank you for your sacrifice.

Thank you for carving time out of your busy lives to focus on praying for and serving these families in need. Thank you for telling satan to take a hike when he tries to fill you with doubt and feelings of fear and inadequacy.Thank you for giving your resounding “YES, Lord YES” to Jesus when He prompts you to DO THIS WORK!!! Thank you for printing out resources to bring with you, thank you for inviting friends to join you… thank you for simply reading this email to the end and forwarding it onto your friends. May God bless you and yours for your unceasing help at this most desperate time.

These are the last 2 weeks of the 40 days for life fall vigil… we will continue to cover these places all year round through the sidewalk servants program, but you will get a weekly email from me with pro-life updates instead of a nightly one. If you are interested in continuing your commitment to pray at least once a month for 1-2 hours we would appreciate you signing up for the sidewalk servants program by emailing me back and asking me to add you. Sidewalk servants start the Monday following the 40 days (November 4th). You are welcome to join us weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly for the hours of your choice.

Please check out “sidewalk servant QuickStart” videos on YouTube to feel more confident


please print out resources to take with you to share:



please help us fill the last 2 weeks

mon 10/21 12th and locust pp – 11,2,3

Tues 10/22 777 appletree: 11

Wed 10/23 12th and locust: 2

Wed 10/23 777 appletree: 8,9,1

Thurs 10/24 12th and loc: 1,2,3,4

Thurs 10/24 777 appletree: 12,1,2

Fri 10/25 777 appletree: 9,10,1,2

sat 10/26 12th and locust: 11,1,2

please also help us sell out the pro-life women’s conference 11/16/19 in Huntingdon valley – fashion show, amazing speakers, panels, vendors, raffle, 50/50

all proceeds will be used to pay for co-pays and office visit costs for GYN care of women who choose to leave planned parenthood to have care at natural women’s health GYN practice where they will receive life-affirming care.

– trying to stop abortion in these women’s lives before they are pregnant.

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