Two Saves in Torrential Rain

40 Days Rain.jpg

From an email blast sent out by Dr. Monique Ruberu.

Dear Friends,

I am so grateful for those of you who stood in the torrential rain today to minister to the beautiful women and babies we serve.

here is an uplifting story from Jane who is a year around sidewalk servant as well.

Praise God! I believe we helped 2 sisters save their babies, this afternoon. After finishing my FOL (Flame of Love) Rosary, I prayed repeatedly (most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ save us and the whole world).  A large car pulled up and I greeted 3 women and 2 small children before they got out of the car. They were headed to “pp”, but willing to listen and receive a blessing bag. One woman knew she was pregnant and wanted to go over to our women’s center right away. Thank God they welcomed her and her friend or sister.  I continued the conversation with the woman staying with the children, she told me she too may be pregnant and wanted a few more blessing bags and more information. Her name was H. The children in the car belonged to her sister. The children were smiling and waving to me.  While I was talking to them Mary Gerry continued to pray the rosary.
Mary and I stayed until 2:30, we waited for someone to relieve us, but no one came. When we were sure they would be good (they were smiling and thankful) we left after putting the signs and bag away. The rain continued the whole time we were there.

They never even entered pp because of their peaceful loving witness in the rain!!! Thanks be to God!!!

We have had multiple signs and boxes stolen during this vigil… please go to the following link and print resources to bring with you:

please help us fill the following hours :

Friday 10/18: 12th and locust 10

Sat 10/19: 12th and locust: 12,1,2

Mon 10/21: 12th and locust: 12,2,3

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