40 Days for Life; Hours To Be Filled in Opening Week at Both City Vigils

Call to Action

As the Fall 2019 is just around the corner, your help is needed now more than ever.

There is a slight change to what many seasoned participants are used to since its beginnings. Monique Ruberu has a DIY project for you to do aside from bringing your loving self to the sidewalk for an hour or more.

The following is from Dr. Monique Ruberu’s email blast sent out this morning.

While you are at the vigil sites please feel free to offer Gyn patients free Gyn care at my office. I can handle std testing, infections, annual exams, etc, etc… you can let them know I have natural alternatives for contraceptives. Feel free to share my website (naturalwomenshealth.com) but have them mention “Ladies Love Life” when they call so we make sure not to charge them for any part of the appointment. I would love to have conversations with them about chastity and strong relationships.

If you would like to donate to this fund that covers their care please seek donation details at Ladieslovelife.com. Ladies, please join us for this inaugural pro-life “Ladies Love Life” Conference that we are using to raise $$ for this mission.

We have several hours open in the 1st week. Please call me, text me, or contact me (roobearoo@hotmail.com) somehow to let me know you can take a few of these hours.

Wed 9/25 777 appletree: 9,1,2
Thurs 9/26 12th and locust: 8,9,10,12,1
Friday 9/27 12th: 9,10,2,3
Friday 9/27 777: 8,9,12,1,2
Sat 9/28 12th : 10,11,12,1,2

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