Ryan Magers’ Lesson on The Need for Men to End Abortion




“No uterus, no opinion”

I will never forget those words uttered to me in a nasty, arrogant tone when I peacefully countered the radical anti-women’s march in DC last January. It leaves an ache in my heart as a man to say that I am not allowed to say that abortion is wrong. History has shown that Roe v Wade was decided by men sitting on the highest court of the United States in a 7-2 decision.

Recently we have heard of the Ryan Magers saga in Alabama. For those of you who have not, here’s a recap here.

The abortion industry has continue to say that men are not allowed to have an opinion. Unfortunately, there have been fathers, like Ryan Magers, who regret not being the man that they were called to be. Now, many of them are starting to regret being a part of the decision and want to be a part of the solution in ending abortion.

It matters because men are called to be  leaders of the household. Men are called to be defenders, warriors, providers, and protectors. The sad fact that feminists have degraded men has shown that men are needed to step up in the movement. Men have a strength that cannot be measured from any liberal ideology.

Every week I have a pit in my stomach and even in my heart to see my fellow man playing coward, instead of a steadfast warrior, neglecting his responsibilities as a father. I always ask myself, “What if men said ‘yes’ to being a father to his child and walks away from the abortion facility without even entering?”

If every man understood their true calling in life, the world and society would change dramatically.

I may not write this as someone who is a father or a post-abortive one, but I know that my fellow man needs encouragement to take a stand.


One of favorite TV series, though it was a 10 part series on HBO, was Band of Brothers. The series tells about a group of men who were trained to be a part of a new military unit that can turn the tide of World War II. These men came from different background and even parts of the country, but by the end of the war, they were America’s elite soldiers that accomplished their objective. What brought them together was the willingness to push each other to become better and willing to suffer any trials of war that they will endure.

We need a few good men to give their “yes” to defend life. We need men to fill the void in a fatherless household by modeling St. Joseph in their every day life for not only the mother but also for the children. We need men to unite together like a band of brothers, pushing and encouraging each other to strive for holiness.

We need that same band of brothers to be willing to hold each other accountable and make their communities a ground for love and faith. We need men who are willing to take a bullet for a woman, rather than use her as an object of pleasure. We need men to man up and stop giving in to the culture of death. We need men who are willing to stand on the front-lines to defend the next generation of America. 

As a proud member of the Knights of Columbus, we, like the men of easy company, are called to praise, encourage, support , and at times critique, our fellow knights. We do it to help each other to grow closer to Christ and live out the core principles of our order.

Men, lace up your shoes, prepare your weapons for spiritual warfare, and come on out and pray for an end to abortion. You are needed. You can play a pivotal role in building a culture of life. Be not afraid. Be bold. Be a man. Be battle ready.

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