Messy Gifts


Your Life is a Gift

from Marie Joseph, Executive Director of Legacy of Life Foundation

Your Life is a Gift!

Life can be a messy thing!

Life can be a wild portrait of joy, sorrow, pain, triumph, and everything in between. Emotions we have one moment can be completely changed in the next!

An unplanned pregnancy can really add to the emotional roller coaster of Life!

I am thinking of a woman named Kathy who came into our center. She came to us with her friend and was totally overwhelmed by the news of her pregnancy. Her situation was messy. She did not feel financially stable.

All of her family was in Venezuela.

The father of her baby wanted her to have an abortion.

Feeling alone and forgotten, she felt she had no other choice.

When she learned the truth about the abortion procedure she came to understand that it, too, was messy.

It was then she said: “I can’t kill my baby!”

But her situation was far from over. She needed a lot of help and she had no idea how her family would react to the news.

She was encouraged  to tell her family, and she finally told her aunt, who she was very close to.

To her surprise, her family was overjoyed at the news!

Her mother made plans to fly in to help during her delivery.

Her family embraced Kathy with all the love and support she needed.

They recognized both Kathy and her unplanned pregnancy as a gift.

This is the most important realization a woman needs to have…

That this baby, planned or unplanned, is a gift.

It is God’s blessing to the woman and the world!

This past Sunday, Jesus calls us the Father’s “gift” to him.

“Father, they are your gift to me. I wish that where I am they also may be with me, that they may see my glory that you gave me, because you loved me before the foundation of the world”    John 17:24

Our messy lives are a gift to Jesus!

Here at the Legacy of Life Foundation centers, we seek to see each woman as a gift from the Father.

Her pregnancy, her crisis, the beauty of her messy life is a gift to us.

We want to make the love of God known to the mothers who come to our centers.

So many of them do not know the gift they’ve received!

When they receive love the mess becomes blessed!

Pray for the beautiful, courageous moms everywhere – that they can rise above the mess of life and see the beautiful perfection of the Father’s plan in their lives!


Legacy of Life Foundation supports two crisis women’s centers in Bucks County and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,  by fundraising to support the financial needs of these two life sustaining crisis pregnancy centers. The unique mission of the centers we fund is the counseling approach used to empower women in a crisis pregnancy to be free from fear and isolation so that they can freely choose life.  For more information on this organization, please use this link. 

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