Philadelphia Area Pastor Challenges State Representative Brian Sims to Come to Sri Lanka

“Rescue those being led away to death..” – Proverbs 23:11

Dr. Devlin has taken those words to heart.  I’ve known him since the 80’s rescuing preborn babies scheduled to be killed through abortion in and around the Philadelphia area.  As you will see by the press release below, Dr. Devlin has gone beyond rescuing unborn babies.  He now goes to the most dangerous places on earth to rescue those who are in danger of losing their lives because of their Christian faith. 

A father
A father named Luut  carries his son Enos into Zion Church in Batticaloa Sri Lanka just 2 weeks after  his son was injured from terror bomb blast that murdered 14 other children on Easter Sunday 2019


7 May 2019–Colombo, Sri Lanka—Dr. William Devlin, a Montgomery County resident has traveled to three different cities in Sri Lanka assisting affected families with funeral expenses, medical/hospitalization costs and living expenses.  Devlin, a former Democratic City Council candidate and former 61st Ward Democratic Committee person traveled to Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa,  and has met with over 50 families in these locations offering practical support along with emotional and spiritual support.

Dr. William Devlin, is CEO of REDEEM!, a 501(c)3 international humanitarian organization that travels to some of the most dangerous areas of the world.  “I have come to Sri Lanka to not only comfort the survivors of the blasts but also to console the families who have lost loved ones.  I come sharing God’s love, grace, mercy, compassion and hope. I’ve also brought $15,000 cash and have visited over 50 families to assist the affected families.  I am working with each pastor in the three churches at St. Sebastian, St. Anthony’s and Zion Church.  We have been warmly welcomed by the Roman Catholic, Buddhist and Evangelical Christian communities.  May my presence here help these families who have lost much.  There is great sorrow today in Sri Lanka.”

Dr. Devlin has issued the following challenge to Representative Sims.  “I have heard about Representative Sims comments and I would want him to know that, as a person with a doctoral degree who prays regularly outside Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia, I invite him to come to Sri Lanka and work with me.”

Dr. Devlin has also met with US Embassy officials in Colombo in order to be debriefed on how best to assist in Sri Lanka.  In Batticaloa, Dr. Devlin spoke to the congregation of Zion Evangelical Church on the first gathering of that church after the suicide bomb blasts.

Devlin also financially supports 50 former s*x slaves who were rescued from ISIS through his work in Iraq and Kurdistan.

If you would like to be a part of Dr. Devlin’s work you can make a donation by clicking on this link. 

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