Using Our Voice in the 2020 Presidential Campaign

The presidential hopeful hats are flying into the ring faster than Bernie Sanders’ tax return info!  It is still early yet but the Democratic primary candidates have started their schoolyard shoving match so it will be interesting to see who ends up as the victor.  In the meantime, it is our moral and civic duty to question these candidates on the issues, particularly the electrically charged abortion issue.  It is not only where do they stand on abortionbooker but why do they stand there.

I have decided to focus on the top four of the possible front runners for now and contact them for clarification as to why they are pro-abortion.  I realize one little email or call from me will not make them change their minds but still, I like to ripple the waters a bit.  If they are going to harangue me for the next year with their altruistic speeches, sound bites and advertisements, I need to counter their diatribes by filling up their voicemail and email in boxes.

Where possible, I am taking their own words from their speeches or mission statements and asking why these words do not apply to our unborn children.  Case in point is Senator Cory Booker’s slogan “Justice for All”.  His “all” apparently does not include our unborn babies.

So, if you would like to join me in voicing your concerns with these candidates I am providing contact info below.  We are blessed with the right to speak freely in this country and we should not take it for granted.  This is the time to use our voice even if we think it will be only a whisper amidst the deafening defense of the right to abort on demand.

Senator Cory Booker:

Washington Senate Office: 202-224-3224


Senator Elizabeth Warren:

Washington Senate Office:  (202) 224-4543


Senator Kamala Harris:

Washington Senate Office: (202) 224 –3553


Senator Bernie Sanders:

Washington Senate Office: 202-224-5141


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