40 Days for Life: Philadelphia Women’s Center

The Spring 2019 40 Days for Life Campaign will start on Wednesday, March 6th. In Philadelphia, there will be three simultaneous campaigns happening. 11,000 very young humans died from abortion in the city of brotherly love. The facility that leads the way in the slaughter of the innocents is located at 777 Appletree Street called the Philadelphia Women’s Center.

They are responsible for killing 6,061 babies in 2017. That number remains high for 2018. There is a solution to it and that is giving your time to shower your love, mercy, and light to a place filled with hatred, selfishness, and darkness.

All we need are bold pro-life groups (college, young adult, dance, high school, mom, and even parish) to come and fill the most desperate hours to fill the mother’s great need. Need 1-2 people minimum at each hour. Will have blessing bags available for you to hand out or you can just stand with love and prayer…

Hours needed to be filled here are March 6th to April 13th. Hours are 8AM-3PM Tuesday thru Saturday

To sign up for hours at this vigil site, please visit: https://40daysforlife.com/local-campaigns/philadelphia-appletree/ or email Monique Ruberu at roobearoo@hotmail.com. PTEABlog end of post


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